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Let's be the part of Mha Puja this year and celebrate just like the Native Newars
9th November, 2023
What's Mha Puja? Mhapuja is quite a new festival for someone who has never been to Nepal before. But not now, Let's explore such a minute festival with us today. Mha Puja means "worship of the self" in Newari, and it celebrates the spirit within oneself. The ceremony signifies an auspicious beginning of the New Year and invokes prosperity and longevity for the participants. Nowadays Mha Puja and Nepal Sambat are also celebrated abroad where Nepalese have settled.According to the life philos... Read more

A spoonful is all it takes to understand why it is hailed as ‘king yogurt.’ Have you ever tried "Juju Dhau", Nepal's "King Yogurt"?
13th October, 2023
Namaste,If you are in Nepal or contemplating the idea of visiting Nepal, you must not miss Juju Dhau as it is one of the typical and famous Newari desserts among foreigners visiting Nepal. Foreigners who come to visit Nepal not only love the authentic taste of yogurt but also take it to their countries to make their friends and family taste the cuisine of Nepal. Most of the foreigners visiting can also do a visit to the local places of Bhaktapur where they can learn and enjoy the authentic cuis... Read more

13th October, 2023
Let our 'Himalayan Club Tours & Travel' invite you to experience a true gift of Nepal: Singing Bowl Therapy. Have you ever heard about therapies like Singing Bowls Therapies? If not, then no need to worry we are here to help you learn something new today. Sound healing is an ancient practice in Buddhism with its roots in Nepal. Going back to the story, Nepali and Tibetan monks who were disciples of Gautam Buddha used singing bowls in monasteries to shift negative energy and create space for... Read more

11th October, 2023
Book a flight to Kathmandu and start your new life with the blessings of Lord Pashupatinath.It is said that the Lord Pashupati Mantra is so powerful that reciting his powerful mantra even once can remove all the dangers and obstructions from life. Reading this I don't think you will doubt how powerful and life-changing things will start happening if you take his blessings live, visiting Nepal. Pashupatinath temple is famous worldwide as one of the most powerful and spiritual temples and also has... Read more

Why is the young girl worshipped as a living Deity, Kumari, in Nepal?
11th October, 2023
Known far and wide the the topic Kumari where a small girl is worshipped as Goddess is not strange nowadays for someone who has already been to Nepal. Every tourist in Kathmandu hopes to have a glimpse of her when she appears for a short moment in a window of the palace of Kumari Bahal, where she lives. She's a beautiful little girl with black hair and dark eyes. She's the innocence of a child but at the same time the sensuality of a woman with red painted lips and a Mona Lisa-like smile. On her... Read more

10th October, 2023
Well, this is the most common question that pops up in the mind of every solo female traveler before they confirm their journey. I am sure you have the same question in mind. With honesty, Nepal is one of the most guarded countries in the world, with scarce crimes and dangers. Women are broadly respected in Nepal and the country is known for its friendly and hospitable people. Many of the travelers who tour Nepal will tell you that Nepal is the safer of the two nations, and this is due in part t... Read more

Nagdaha (Snake Pond)
7th December, 2021
The snake pond of Kathmandu valley ( Nagdaha) situated at about 4.5km from  the satdobato,in a small village of dhapakhel.The view of phulchoki and santaneshwor can be seen from the lake.The pond has been used for various purposes  like fishing,irrigation as well as religious purposes. Read more

One-honed Rhino in Nepal
6th December, 2021
Chitwan National Park is home to the second largest population of greater one horned rhinoceros.The rhino is primarily a grazer. Its diet consist almost entirely grasses but it also eats fruits and leaves. Rhinos do love to eat various fruits such as apple, mangoes and berries. Read more

Traditional Nepali Food (Gundruk )
5th December, 2021
Wildly popular in Nepal, Gundruk is made by fermenting leafy green vegetables.Its commonly made into a pickle,known as Gundruk ko Achar. Gundruk provides all the benefits of probiotics and essential minerals. Read more

Rara  National Park
5th December, 2021
It lies in the Mugu district from the sea level of 2990 meters and 167 meters deep in some parts of lake. The best visiting time to  lake is September/October and April to May. Rara  lake tour is best place to celebrate Holidays in Western part of Nepal.The local food with hospitality will add more memory to your visit. Read more

Nepal reopnes commercial International flights after 3 weeks suspension
1st June, 2021
Nepal resumes limited international commercial flights from 3rd June 2021 in three selected country. The country is going through lock down and all international flights and  boarders were locked since 7th may 2021. However Nepal and India are continue flying weekly two flights with air bubble transport arrangement and now three more countries (Turkey, China and Qatar) are schedule to open weekly one flights to each destination. Nepal is going through fatal second waves of Covid-1... Read more

Ten Best Mountaineering Movies to Watch
29th April, 2020
Namaste,We all are stuck in home quarantine because of pandemic Corona virus which world are struggling to fight against.Staying in Home is best Prevention to save our self and our near and dear ones. Many of us are wondering what to do while in in quarantine. Here I have prepared 10 best Mountaineering and climbing movies you should watch if you like mountaineering or extreme outdoor adventure or climbing.The following are 10 best movies which are inspirational stories of Mountaineers that... Read more