Bungee Jump (1 Days)

Basic Info ( pp ) $ 0 per person

Duration 1
Group Size 1-2
Transportaiontourist bus
Altitude 160m
Accomodations N/A
Best Seasons Autumn (Sept. to Nov.) and Spring (March to May)
Activities adventure activities
Meals Lunch

Basic Intro

Bungee jump thrills the intrepid travelers to it's unlimited rush. Nepal's first Bungee jumping site is located 160 m over the wild Bhote-koshi river. The jump takes places on a 166 m wide steel suspension bridge over the Bhote-koshi river. The bridge is swiz designed and especially consider safer of dive. Bungee jumping is based in tourist attractive places Pharaoh  and first bungee jumping facilities form a tower and this one using modern technology and very safe for the jump.

 One day trip inclusive two way transportation and You'll be ac complained by a guide on a drive to the bungee jumping spot. Once we arrive at the spot we take short briefing form the jump.Then  we can have good lunch at the resort near by and take rest for some time, We will the drive back our Hotel. 


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